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In an effort to promote emotional wellbeing in this unprecedented time, I have put together a Quarantine Relief Program. Please enjoy your first two sessions for FREE! And when we decide to continue, receive your next two sessions for $100 (2 for 1)! These sessions DO NOT require an application or consultation. Book today! :)



Because personal coaching is a specific process, it may or may not be the best fit for all individuals. If you're interested in a specific service and wondering about the goodness of fit for your needs, please inquire via email or book a complimentary consultation.


Check in with yourself and get clear on what you need

(Recommended add-on for all services)


1 Worksheet

1 90-min Session

Overall Goal: “I’d like to better understand what’s going on in my life on a deeper level.”

Discovery is the perfect start to any transformational journey. This session is all about self-awareness. It will allow you to dive deep and understand where you are, where you want to be, and what’s holding you back. You will have the opportunity to channel your motivation and set realistic goals before you head out on your way. This session is a great check-in by itself, and is also the perfect addition to any ongoing coaching or journaling experience.


Understand what’s going on and why you feel the way you do


Worksheets and Various Coaching Exercises (depends on specific needs)

Individual 60-min Session(s)

Overall Goal: “I really want to talk about what's going on and work on solving my issues in a constructive way."

Let’s Talk It Out is the best option for people that find comfort in the sacred space that is built in a coaching relationship and have a clear understanding about what they want to gain from coaching. Do you ever feel like you just really need to talk about something without feeling obligated to take someone’s advice on the subject? These sessions will allow you to do just that: no agenda, no forceful advice from biased sources, just talking it out. Don’t feel like you have to carry this load all by yourself. Let’s talk it out together!

Recommended add-ons: